Many homeowners tend to ignore the fact that there is mold growing under a sink or bathtub. Mold is not considered a big threat by many people. It is not in sight and is growing mostly in places that are not easily accessible at home or business.  The reality is opposite to what the perception is about mold. Mold not only eats you house with the passage of time but also your health. It can be responsible for allergies, asthma aggravation, headache and numerous breathing issues. There are some basic steps that can be taken to avoid mold to grow in your house or business.

Let’s have a look at some precautionary measures that you can take:

  • Stop The Leakage of Water

Water (moisture) is a primary reason for the growth of mold in a house. Fungus needs an appropriate heat, environment, and moisture to grow at a rapid pace. Houses are perfect when it comes to suitable heat and environment; the exception comes in the case of moisture but leaked pipelines, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets make up for this.

You need to find the burst pipeline.  Check if the leaked pipe is reachable and if it is then seal it with a plastic tape or any other item that can be used. You need to make sure that you check all the loopholes in your pipeline system that is causing the mold to grow.

  • Allow the sunlight in mold affected areas

It can be effective because sunlight can help in evaporating the moisture and eradicating the mold. Good ventilation also allows fresh air to flow in the house and reduces the effects of mold. You need to give the mold affected area exposure to the sunlight

  • Remove it yourself

You need a respirator that you can find in any medical store. You can try scrubbing it or disposing the mold affected material altogether.  You need to comprehend the fact that no matter how many times you remove it, it will keep on coming back until or unless you fix the source of moisture. Wear goggles and gloves before removing the mold.  You can use a perfect anti-fungus chemicalhydrogen peroxide to remove the mold

  • Seal the mold affected area

It is important that you should seal the fungus affected room, basement or bathroom. It would help in eliminating the chances of mold growing all over the house

  • Contact Mold Damage Restoration Company

The best and most advisable step is to contact a mold damage restoration company that specializes in removing mold along with taking care of the source of leakage. It is best that the professionals take care of an issue like mold in a house. Mold needs a special removal process if it is covering a chunk of area



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